Monday, 15 March 2010

Complete image

Without a line connecting the two images there seemed to be something unnerving about the picture, a mild visual dissonance that made it uneasy to look at. The line added the transition from solid ground to water and directly and physically linked to two subjects.

I'm not yet sure if I managed to capture and communicate the overwhelming childish desire to play, have fun and imagine; I think I need to digest the image for a while. No doubt, things will change in time. Something I didn't initially consider was the perspective the viewer may side with, the little boy looking up at a giant girl or a little girl playfully looking down at a tiny boy in a paper boat. Is it Brobdingnag or Lilliput?

Something I particularly don't wish to change is the juxtaposition of the coloured skin and the simple inky line. As Kimi Kimoki put it:

"Light, the work of the naked parts, finished elements juxtapositioned with spaces, are the points on which I centre all my attention. Get close to reality in order to go out into it and exrapolate it. Create a fiction in which the characters and objects are suspended between illusion and truth. My intention is to highlight the beauty of that which our view tends to trivialise"

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