Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Work in Progress

During my holiday in India my partner capured a picture of an Indian girl crouched down fascinated with a floating piece of paper in a flooded pool of monsoon rain water in Mumbai. Her whole attention was focused on this small piece of sodden paper, transfixed by its movements.

I'm using an amalgamation of hand rendered and digital techniques. The outline and hair are hand drawn and the skin is produced by selecting, by eye, areas of similar tone with the Lasso tool in PS CS4, a tone is selected with the Ink Dropper and then the area is filled. This is not produced with any filter or other automated process. Having to look at tones and colour and make visual choices adds to the texture of the final outcome and put the control wholely in my hands.

I aim to have the girl looking at a paper boat with a small child aboard looking back up at her. Locked in a moment that captures the imagination of kids in a not-too-ficional work of their own.

Watch this space to see how it develops.........